Blog Writing

Blogging is rising up to be the most essential of all communication strategies on the digital vertical. Business/Corporate blog is a cost effective and resourceful way to make your official website found by the target audience, so that you can eventually generate new leads and customers for your business.

Your audience deserves to be served with fresh and useful content. Thoughtful posts with business blogs are public demonstrations of thought leadership, personal integrity and professional insights.

For a successful blog post, it is important to induct SEO rich content and perfect keywords, at the same time keeping in mind that your audience is humans. Not robots. The right blend of the two with audience needs still in the cardinal position is the pure essence that Blog Writing is all about.

With content the focus of everything at IZE Creative, Blog Writing is where our soul starts and traverses throughout the plethora of our services.

E Mail Marketing

Email marketing sans spam is still considered one of the most effective methods in digital marketing. Quoting Wikipedia- "In its broadest sense, every email sent to a potential or current customer could be considered email marketing. It usually involves using email to send digest updates, ads, request business, or solicit sales, and is meant to build loyalty, trust, or brand awareness."

Though the technique isn't quite novel, lot many innovative ideas are being clubbed with Email marketing, hence making it new wine in an old bottle cliche. Lot's to look ahead to in this vertical, if you have the right team doing it for you!

eBook Writing

eBooks are an effective way to showcase your content development efforts to your audience. Many brands and organizations give away eBooks as freebies to increase their reach and provide valuable content to the audience. A well researched and well compiled eBook will definitely provide profound value to the reader, in return helping in boosting your business.


Newsletters are periodically published and distributed publications catering on a specific topic of interest for a target audience. Businesses find newsletters of to be of immense potential because of the content distribution nature of it. They can function as discussion lists, product updates or may even be advisory in nature. As newsletters are sent to a more receptive audience, there is probability of a higher response rate if coupled directly with marketing efforts.


Information graphics or infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge. These graphics present complex information quickly and clearly - such as in signs, maps, journalism, technical writing and education.

They improve cognition by utilizing graphics to enhance the human visual system's ability to see patterns and trends. Creating Infographics is not just about good design. It's about knowing which design concept to use to represent the required data. At IZE Creative, we follow a defined process for the design of an infographic -

  1. Researching, gathering and analyzing the data
  2. Deciding on the representation concept
  3. Outlining the sketch
  4. Designing
  5. Proof Reading

Web Content Development

An average webpage on the internet gets no more than a few seconds to cast a favorable impression on the visitor. Most visitors to a website scan through the content as opposed to reading it line by line.

Professional web content writing is a serious discipline and you should entrust your web content only with the right people. Making sure that visitors are able to find the gist in the shortest period of time will definitely be a winning strategy for you.

With the Google Humming bird update coming out at the right time, all the focus has shifted to content. Not just blogs, but the content of the website too plays an important role for optimizing the site. Not just that, only if the content of your website is well formulated would the readers get to know about the things you do. Good language and presentation style plays prime role in this.


Each industry has a different content marketing strategy. For a good number of them, interviews with industry experts, top management, officials and evangelists forms a strong chunk of valuable content in it's efforts to provide their audience with the best quality content.

Understanding your needs and your strategies, we make sure interviews form a prominent part of your content marketing strategies.


Along with video content, audio content is growing in popularity. Podcasts, audio in nature, may include testimonies of products/services, interviews, QnA sessions, tutorials etc. By harnessing internet's own natural syndication power, podcasting gives businesses the ability to connect with an "On-Demand" audience.

Video Creation

As focus on content grows ever more and story-telling becomes the elixir, video form one of the major ingredients of this elixir. While 2013 saw a big boost in the use of video marketing, 2014 will see a whole new revolution itself take place.

Video marketing is going to get bigger and more important to you, your credibility, your business and your brand, no matter what your position is or what you are promoting. Be it Corporate Videos, Explanatory Animated Videos for products/services, Documentaries, or even short web based Ads, all the ingredients to cook the perfect dish are ready in our shelves. We just need the right requirements and we start off with the recipe. Whoosh!

Presentation Design

In total, our team collectively attends more than 50 seminars/sessions/conferences every year. From experience we have found that only a minor percentage of the sessions have an impressive presentation. Content might be spectacular, but to catch the attention of the audience one needs visually stimulating presentations. We help speakers, students, professionals and executives with presentation design, making sure that their idea is shared in the best possible visual way.

All products/services need to be branded. Only after a brand is established do people start buying from the brand. Digital Branding is all about setting the way forth for complete establishment of your product/service as a BRAND. Though a vast area, we divide the complete Digital Branding activities into the following segments for better execution -

Social Media Marketing

It's becoming quite repetitive explaining the why's and how's of Social Media right? Come on guys, its 2014 already and you can't deny the role Social Media has to play in the growth of your brand.

Business is all about people, people and more people. And when people are on Social Media that's exactly where you should be too. The power of social media is immense and online channels have now emerged as dynamic platforms to promote and market products, services and ideas.

Online Reputation Management (ORM)

The internet today is full of mechanisms for people to speak their mind and "publish" their opinion. Whether it's a review, customer feedback, blog, the comment section of that blog, forum or social media, there are too many ways in which to keep track of voicing your opinion on just about anything.

In this scenario, it becomes very important for brands to know what is being spoken about them in the online sphere. What positive emotion is being shared about them and whether the negative mentioned are actually real facts. Getting to know the customer opinion is very important as it helps better your service/product. ORM helps you to keep an eye out for the mentions and ensures that whenever you're Google Searched, only the best things about you come on top.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing is a form of Internet marketing that involves the promotion of websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) through optimization and advertising. SEM may use search engine optimization, which adjusts or rewrites website content to achieve a higher ranking in search engine results pages or use pay per click listings.

SEM forms an integral part of ORM.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In the highly competitive online industry, search engines play a major role in getting website traffic and exposure. SEO is all about content. Whether it is for on-site SEO to make your web pages keyword optimized or for SEO techniques like article marketing and use of social media, an SEO article writing service can play an important role in promoting your website.

As we mentioned above, content creation is one of our favorite hobbies over at IZE. These contents are always Search Engine Optimized to ensure you make the most out of the content published in your website. A complete service provider! Ain't we?

Integrated Marketing

Integrated Marketing is the application of consistent brand messaging across myriad marketing channels - both offline and online. It's definitely a holistic approach in marketing. Having a consistency in your Offline and Online marketing messages conveys clearly to your audience your marketing message which leads to better results and greater Return-On-Investment.

At IZE, a good number of our ideas tend to focus on Integrated Marketing Campaigns. Innovation is a habit we inculcate in our team and since Integrated Marketing is relatively new in the industry, most of our strategists tend to think in those lines. We don't brag to be the best in forming these campaigns, but well, we can guarantee we come pretty close to the top.

Consultancy Services

A good number of organizations are en-route building their own Digital Branding/Social Media teams instead of out sourcing it. Well, we do understand that trend too. Including hospitality, retail and even the tourism industry, we provide consultancy services to a good number of brands who would prefer the in-house team to take care of the execution part but prefer professional advice on the administration and strategizing part.

Give us a call and we'll be there with our best guys to help you build the most effective and prize-winning strategy. Clamor!

Almost every single team member of ours has a background in design, one way or the other. Some are professional graphic designers, while others are into UI/UX and some others are self taught in the field of design.

The benefits of branding are often long term, including customer qualities like loyalty, memorability, familiarity and at some point, your marketing expenses will significantly decrease because an audience is already familiar with you. Remember, a paying customer only buys from a brand he/she is familiar with.

Every company tries to build a brand. Not just a service or a product. And in such cases, the visual consistency of your brand has a major role to play. Since we have a well versed team in design, our branding portfolio consists of quite a good number of verticals -

  • Brand Identity Design (Logos, Business Cards, Office Stationery etc)
  • Brochure Design
  • Flyers
  • Poster Design
  • Banner Design

Letting creativity go free is the epitome of happiness for us. Doodle Art lets us do just that. Scribble-scrabble and the design knows no bounds. One of the very few Doodle Artists in the industry, our "Doodlers" have their art hanging in some of the most prestigious firms across the region.

Content can be in many shapes and sizes, broads and dimensions. Visual content, again, can be segregated into innumerable verticals.

Illustrations form the joint between the realms of visual content and art. They can be used to represent concepts, capture emotions, solidify imagination and provide a definition to creativity. While illustrative art is what we focus on at IZE, we have made apt use of illustration in marketing activities, professional presentations and digital ads. Owing to our illustrators who have been doing a fantastic job for our clients, our illustration works now even roam the Arab countries and a good part of North America.

With the advent of live streaming, watching an event live from any corner of the world has become a reality. Vanishing the geographical limitations to mere myths, now, anyone can view an event live on the internet. This industry has boomed in recent times with World Cup, Olympics and Global Conferences being shown live on the net.

But, with the present technology being used by the giant companies, quality Live Streaming is a costly affair. Catering to that gap in the market, IZE Creative, along with our sister concern at DayScholars Innovations has developed a Live Streaming product for cost effective Web Casting of events, even in HD.

After a successful run through with events like Emerging Kerala, Grand Kerala Opening Festival and Inauguration of Global Village, our Live Streaming service is now venturing into the motorsport fraternity in India.