About Us

IZE Creative is a Kochi based Content Marketing and Digital Branding Agency, started in 2011. Though we initially started off as a Social Media Marketing agency, over a period of time we decided to shift our niche into the new, but ever so important Content Marketing Industry.

At present, we broadly focus our services on three verticals – Content Marketing, Digital Branding and Live Streaming, each headed by a different team. While Content Marketing remains the centrifugal point of all our ideas and strategies, most of our Digital Branding services are via consultancy. Live Streaming, on the other hand, is a big-time project on its own, in its Secondary Phase of launch and execution.



Vijay S Paul

Starting his career as a Graphic Designer while still in college, Vijay moved on to work as a freelance Content Developer by the end of his graduation. Founding IZE Creative in the fall of 2011, he is now well known in the community as a Social Media Strategist and Blogger, and is also a sought after speaker at various business and managerial events.

He is also responsible for formulating the Social Media and Web Strategies for IEEE Kerala GOLD, IEEE Kerala Section and IEEE R10 GOLD. At IZE Creative, he currently is in charge of campaign execution and the Live Streaming Department.

His latest passion includes research on "Gamification for Business" and can be found as a cartoonist at The Nonsense Times.

Rithin Peter

If there ever was a creative artist who joined the ranks of a startup and turned head over heels its creative department, it has to be him. Making known the fact that Photoshop and Illustrator are mere tools in the hand of the artist, but true artistry lies in the heart, Rithin has gained fame in the artist community for adding dimensions to his thoughts on art - be it digital or on canvas.

Presently leads the Creative & Design Department at IZE.

Georgy Abraham

With the master of 3 blogs, each under a different pen name, Georgy puts in his immense talent to use in the Content Strategy and Campaign Planning section of the workflow. Also a budding photographer, his aesthetic sense also helps him guide the design team and provides a strong support to Rithin and his department.

Starting off as an intern with the firm, in just over an year he's taken the reigns to the Content Strategy department and has been instrumental in taking IZE Creative to the heights it has attained. He can be marked as the best example in our team of how IZE has transformed a recent graduate, to a strong professional in the Digital Marketing industry.